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Thomas Drive in Sumter, SC

Hi Shelley and SCPRAI!

I've submitted my story in the past but would also like to share it with you. While many may see haunted places online, many discount the validity of these hauntings. I will tell you that the stories about Thomas Drive in Sumter, SC are completely true. I've experienced it for myself!

I moved to Sumter in June 2000 from Ohio with my former husband. There is an apartment complex next to Thomas Drive, the street being Alice Dr. My former husband first lived in one of the smaller apartments at the front of the complex, but upon my moving to Sumter, we moved to one of the townhouses at the front of the complex. Actually, if you go in the driveway, our building was to the left, and our apartment being right at the corner.

Upon moving in I began to notice a few things. Things would come up missing then reappear. We didn't put much stock into it. We thought we just misplaced things. My former husband had gone through the apartment with the management company. You know, the checklist for any damages, etc. Well, one day I was cleaning and I went to close the door to the back bedroom. I looked at the wall and found that halfway up the wall, about a child's height, was childlike writing. There were no words, just scribbles. My ex claims that he had gone through the apartment with management and NEVER saw that on the wall. We were kind of spooked!

The real fun took place one night once we went to bed. I was sleeping, but I could feel someone pushing me out of bed. I vividly remember that my face was on the floor, and I can remember the smell of the carpet in my face. I turned and looked up to get back in bed, and I can remember pushing my ex over to get back into bed. Again, it felt as if someone were dragging me out of my bed! Next, I remember looking over, and there was a figure at the side of the bed looking at me. I could not hear anything he was saying, but I could tell it was a man and he was in black. My thoughts were it was a black man. I could tell that he was angry and screaming, but again, I could not hear any sound. I then began to scream myself and this woke my ex husband up. I slept at the side of the bed near the door and I looked out and could see the figure of a black man coming up the stairs. I began to scream and my ex husband shot up out of bed, grabbed a baseball bat we had, turned on the light, and ran after the figure. There was nobody in the apartment. My ex looked all over, and again, there was nobody in the apartment but us.

I myself have some ability to see and speak with spirits. Most of this has been through dreams. Many times I have just heard voices pop into my head. I don't discuss this much with others because of course the first thought is that I'm some sort of nutcase. I take stock in it. During that weekend after what happened in my bedroom, I began to hear many angry voices in my head. I'd hear voices just screaming, some calling me names like "bitch", etc. It got to the point where I ended up crying most of the weekend and called a family member upset, crying, and claiming that I wasn't crazy but I felt like it. Though my ex didn't really believe in such things, he became a believer that weekend. He claims he saw the figures as well.

We moved back here to Ohio shortly afterward. The incident wasn't what brought us back to Ohio, just wanting to be closer to family. However, you cannot believe how in awe I was when I went onto websites for haunted places and saw the postings about the "Thomas Drive vacant lot". That weekend I had no clue what was going on, but now I know what was. The spirits at Thomas Drive aren't just there...they like to creep over on Alice Drive too!