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To be considered for any position, you must fill out the WHOLE application.  Incomplete applications will be discarded.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to talking to you!

Your Name:

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):


Your Street Address:


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Why do you wish to join?

What is your background if any, in the paranormal?


Do you belong or have you belonged to any other group(s)?

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If so who, and describe your membership with them and whether you are still active.

If you have a website or member page describing you, please list the URL here(an example is Facebook, etc.):


What skills do you possess? (Please check all that apply)

Computer Skills (Word, Excel, Email) - beginner
Computer Skills - Advanced
General Research
Marketing & Public Relations
Human Resources
Occult, Metaphysical or Religious Knowledge
Photography and/or Digital Graphics
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What kinds of equipment do you already have? (Please check all that apply)

Basics - Flashlights, Pen & Pad
Paranormal Books
EMF Meter or other specialized meter
Personal Computer
BroadBand Internet Access
Video Camera with Nightshot mode
Digital Voice Recorder or Micro Cassette Recorder
Digital Camera
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What level of membership are you seeking?

How many hours a week can you devote to the organization? (this is just an estimated average)


In general, when are you available for meetings and investigations?

Not normally available - will work from home/work generally

Weekday Evenings
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Are you physically and medically able to be involved in field investigations? Yes No

What area(s) do you prefer to work in?

Data Collection & Assimilation
Public Relations & Liason
Research & Development
Webmaster & Graphics
Field Investigation
Please Specify: