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What we offer:
  • We are discreet - No one will know about the investigation unless you want them to.
  • We are experienced - We have the knowledge and the equipment that will help us in many cases to better understand and document your problem.

  • We are professional - Do we make a living at it? No, this is not our profession - we do not charge for our services. We do conduct investigations in a professional manner, with a focus on the integrity of the investigation and respect for the people and places we visit.

  • We are caring - We will handle the issue as you want, perhaps we are dealing with departed family members - perhaps not.

  • We offer our services at no charge - No ethical paranormal investigators should charge you anything, and we don't.

SCPRAI Investigation Request Form (Online)
Please fill out the entire form.  The more info we have, the more helpful we can be.  Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.  



Alleged Target Address (the haunted property)

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Describe Phenomena

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Ouija Boards, Seances, Mediums, Dowsing or Black Magic
Unusual Sounds
Odd Smells
Nightmares or Insomnia
Hot or Cold Spots
Electrical Disturbances or Equipment Malfunction
Movement of Objects
Other - Please Describe

When did this start occurring?

Square footage of the property?

How long have the present occupants lived there?

Does the phenomena seem threatening? Yes No

Do pets notice or react? Yes No

About how often is there activity?

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Age of structure

Do you wish for us to investigate? Yes No

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What is the desired result of the investigation?

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