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Our Team...

This team came together because of our need to explore the paranormal unknown. We all have our own reasons for being part of SCPRAI, but we have the same goals. We have many members, each specialize in certain areas, and together as a team, we are outstanding! We have a number of small groups that investigate certain areas of SC, but when needed, we can get the whole team together to investigate.
Our investigations are completely confidential unless you decide to sign a waiver allowing us to post photos and information about your particular investigation. We will never share your information with anyone outside of the team... Read More...

We Can Help!

Have you been hearing bumps in the night? Felt a cold spot that you just can't place? Aunt Mae talking to you, but she's been dead for 10 years? Seeing things in the corner of your eyes that seem to always be there? We are available for researching a property as well as doing a full on investigation. We are discrete and confidential and will listen to you without judging. You're not crazy!! There could be a simple solution to your problem!
Just fill out our simple form and one of the investigators in your area will contact you. They will ask a few key questions and then set up a date and time to come in and investigate. If you feel it's an emergency and would like someone right away, please don't hesitate to tell us that you think you or someone on the property might be in danger...We'll get someone out to you ASAP.