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Old South Pittsburg Hospital
May 12th, 2012



Brief History

In 1959 the doors opened to a hospital in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. This 68,000 square foot medical facility, founded by four doctors, was known as the South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital (SPMH). This hospital would serve the community for almost 40 years before closing its doors for the last time in 1998.
Since its closing, there have been many reports of unusual activity that have been claimed by South Pittsburg’s residents. The owner started allowing paranormal investigation teams to come in and see if they could capture some of this reported activity. Well, they did! Some of the findings have been full body apparitions, black shadows, disembodied voices, doors slamming of their own will, and sounds of footsteps.
There was also activity that has come to light from former employees that have had experiences while the hospital was still operational such as; things moving in the hallways, shadows, and many times the security was called thinking there was an intruder during the 3rd shift because they heard voices and of course, no one there.