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** Please read the information below before going to the application link that is lower in this page **


  Welcome to South Carolina Paranormal Research & Investigations (SCPRAI)! We hope that you will join our team of investigators even if you don't want to be an investigator! We need folks to help in all kinds of different areas! We welcome any individuals 18 or older who has an interest in helping people who need our assistance in their homes and businesses.

  Potential members will participate in researching and documenting haunted locations and do so with an open mind. Our main mission is to help people in need of assistance with a haunting, educate the public about entities and our research. We do not discriminate against anyone's personal theories, beliefs, or religion. We are all striving toward the same goal of learning about entities in an open minded environment.

  We welcome new members who can attend meetings, research projects and investigations in South Carolina. From time to time, we do investigations that can be hours away. Anyone who is willing to travel to locations in these areas for investigations on a regular basis welcome to apply for membership. We are looking for people who want to help those who need our assistance. We provide all the training necessary to get you started in the field for free.

  As a member of SCPRAI, you will be trained to collect information such as audio and video documentation, photographic evidence, and eyewitness accounts. SCPRAI will arrange all interviews and access to the locations. After the investigation, the members then turn in evidence and reports to the group so that a case file can be created. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wishes to help people and to learn more about this field of research.

 Benefits of Membership:

SCPRAI does not have paid positions available. We are staffed by volunteer
members who help serve the general public. We strive to;

I. Investigate all claims of paranormal phenomena and collect the data for use by researchers and investigators worldwide. This is to help all investigators worldwide understand and help each other for future understandings of the Paranormal.

II. Assist any clients in need of advice, paranormal understanding and help regarding paranormal phenomena of the Spirit world.

III. Educate the public on all topics of the Spirit world and its potential impact on society and general public.

SCPRAI graciously accepts eager, intelligent and realistic candidates. A perspective applicant should be someone who is willing to dedicate their time, effort and resources into the team so that we can better serve the general public with honesty and integrity.

  We are looking for people who take the initiative to write research papers on a topic of the paranormal or seek case files for SCPRAI to investigate. If you are serious about becoming a professional researcher / investigator and you feel you meet SCPRAI qualifications, please fill out the membership form at the link below!

  For members who are looking to advance within SCPRAI, the organization does offer advanced positions.

Membership Guidelines:

SCPRAI appreciates monetary and/or equipment donations. All monies go directly towards investigations, research, case studies and the purchase of new equipment for our members to use.

  We ask that you keep all research information and investigations which contain personal and confidential client information, case files, research papers, research articles and documents to yourself and not share them with anyone outside of the team. These documents are the property of SCPRAI. A member of SCPRAI must possess honesty, integrity, professionalism, accountability and respect for it's members, clients, general public, and for the non-living.

  *As a member you will be able to attend Investigation or events SCPRAI attends.
 *Some Investigations may be limited attendance. The investigation team and its Directors get the first right to choose if they want to attend that specific investigation. All other available positions that are available, members will be rotated or randomly drawn.

  *SCPRAI does not pay for gas to go to any locations and/or investigations. We will carpool to a location when possible. If the location is out of our general area, we do ask that you help out with gas if possible.

  *SCPRAI does not pay for film developing or film.

  *SCPRAI does not pay for any personal equipment that is used for investigations. If SCPRAI has any equipment that you can use, we will be more than happy to let you use it! You would need to fill out the Equipment Check Out Sheet and return it in the same working order it was when you checked it out.

  *SCPRAI cannot pay for overnight investigations, your stay in a hotel or campground, or any of the food/drinks during that stay unless the funds have been donated and are available for use! If funds have been donated, SCPRAI will let you know what expenses will be covered before leaving for the investigation.

  *We have a Membership Hand Book with information and protocols that you will receive at the acceptance of your membership.

  *A personalized membership photo badge must be purchased for $5  for people to ensure you are a member/investigator with SCPRAI.
You MUST be at least 18 years old to join the team...
Proceed to the Membership Application through the link below... Someone will get back in touch with you ASAP, if there is a position open in your area.   We look forward to having you as part of our team!